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Quilting for kids
Quilts for Kids

Quilts for sick kids; the organization will send you a quilt kit

Binky Patrol

Baby and kid quilts for children in need

Newborns in Need

All kinds of sewn gifts for babies who need them

Softies for Mirabel

Stuffed friends for kids in Melbourne, Australia whose families are affected by drug abuse

Firehouse Quilts

Fire and ambulance crews in Colorado give quilts to kids they encounter at emergency scenes

Quilts from Caring Hands

An Oregon group makes quilts for local kids; they also make tactile quilts for blind babies

Wrap Them in Love

Quilts for kids in orphanages all over the world

Community Quilting
Beloved Quilts

Quilts for homeless people in Massachusetts and girls who have been rescued from child slavery

The Sleeping Bag Project

Sleeping bags for people in your community who sleep on the streets

Cage Comforter Program

Beds for dogs and cats in New York’s city shelters


Stripy string quilts to give to anyone in need. Make a block or a whole top

Wartime Quilting
Home of the Brave Quilts

Civil War reproduction quilts for the families of American service-members killed in Afghanistan and Iraq

To the Top Quilt Project

Quilts for veterans

Quilts of Valor

Quilt made to honor soldiers and marines wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Make a top and a professional quilter will finish it for you.

Operation Kid Comfort

Photo-transfer quilts for kids whose parents are serving overseas

And Still Counting

A memorial commemorating soldiers and civilians who have died in the Iraq war, made of many miniature quilts

Quilting for Change
More Than Warmth

Kids learn about the consequences of war through quilting

Vietnam Quilts

A project in Vietnam provides sustainable work for women


Recycled fabric shopping bags that take half an hour to make

The Names Project

The quilt that changed the way people thought about HIV/AIDS

Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative

Tiny quilts raise money for Alzheimer’s research

The Safe Motherhood Quilt Project

Quilts remember women who died in or after childbirth

Boise Peace Quilts

Collaboratively made quilts honor peacemakers

Blanket the Globe

Children make quilt squares to raise awareness about global warming